Bircherley Green Shopping Centre | A New Vision

A bright future for Bircherley Green

New shopping brands, a riverfront public square and a new hotel could all be coming to Hertford town centre through plans to regenerate the Bircherley Green Shopping Centre

We have submitted our planning application to East Herts District Council and you can register your support here.

Wrenbridge and Savills Investment Management are proposing a comprehensive redevelopment which includes new homes, cafés and restaurants and major upgrades to the Bircherley Green bus station and car park. The regeneration will:


We submitted our planning application to East Herts District Council in February 2017.  Since then, we have submitted some amendments to the plans, which largely focus on addressing the observations made by the Council’s planning officers and Design Review Panel.

These amendments include:

  • Improving the materials proposed – incorporating stone cladding into the design of one of the prominent riverside buildings
  • Reducing the height of the car park building by 3m – which will improve the regeneration’s impact on the Hertford townscape
  • Improving the pedestrian link between the bus station and new shopping street by opening up part of the route to the sky
  • Revising the landscaping proposals for the new public square to make it a more attractive and workable open space for a market or local events
  • A range of additional changes including – among others – developing the arrangements for cycle parking and refuse collection; and undertaking further design work on the entrance to the new apartments and the layout of the homes.

You can view the full application, including the amendments, as well as providing comments on the plans by clicking here.